Q. How do I receive my images?
A. A link is sent through a email to a private proof gallery. Edits will be returned in the same nature as well unless other options are requested.

Q. How long have you been doing photography?
A. Point blank since 1993, my interests have varied from nature landscape, urban decay, automotive to people.

Q. What kind equipment do you use?
A. I have various camera to chose from depending on the end results desired. They range from anything from a Kodak 620 Brownie, Pentax P3, Pentax 645, Canon 20D or 5d and many others in between.
I also use and highly recommend the Alien Bee’s for strobe lighting for indoor and outdoor.

Q. Do you really use strobe lighting outdoors?
A. Absolutely! Give the compact and lightness of the lights, I feel being able to strobe outdoors gives more control over how I use light.

Q. How long does a shoot last, and where do they take place?
A. These are ranging variables and have no set standards. In most cases shoots typically take 3-4 hours. This can vary depending on location distance, styling, makeup and even weather.

Q. Is it true you only work with people 18 and older?
A. Generally speaking yes, everyone’s identification will be checked and documented.

Q. I noticed your work tends to be suggestive, am I required to shoot nude?
A. Absolutely not, while my work can be suggestive I work with the comfort levels of everyone I work with.

Q. What kind of turnaround time can I expect?
A. Usually within about two weeks, sometimes there are some exceptions (zombies can be a pain at times).