Frequently asked questions:
Q. Do I have to pose nude?
A. No, not everyone is interested in nude or fine art photographs.
Q. Do you give out all files?
A. No, there is no purpose to seeing blinks, out of focus or misfire frames
Q. Do I get the raw photos?

A. No, in order to produce the best possible image, some post process work is applied to the selected images.
Q. How many photos will I receive?
A. The amount of images returned will vary on the type of shoot, a basic shoot will yield 3-6 finished photos per outfit/look.
Q. Do you provide hair and makeup?
A. No, I have list of local professionals I can suggest if this is desired.
Q. What kind of camera do you use?
A. For my primary digital I use Canon. I do have a range of other 35mm, range finders and medium format cameras as well.